Principal’s Messege

How Should education establishment change to bring about the results everyone want in our children. Even after decades of educational commissions reports and many funded projects for refom,we do not see positive results, rather we see a pattern of regimentation that robs children of their self esteem and a system of rote memorization that blick the child’s ability to think for himself. We have energetic and active children and we have no provision to channelize their energy. They Normally turn out to be more inactive and lethargic. We need today a system of education that helps to develop their personalities. They must be prepared to face the challenge of the changing society. We must build in them confidence & self reliance. Campus School. a unique school with a difference, is lacated in Avantika Chiranjiv Vihar 15 Km. from Delhi, Where the aim of education is to inclucate confidence and widen thier outlook. They are groomed to accept the challenges of the world which they have to face tomorrow.

Just as memorizing a text book is not real learning, the teachers are trained to create activities directly related to the lessons. It is today’s need to reduce the heavy load of books which the student have to carry daily. The lessons are presented to the children in a meaningful and comprehensive manner.

Audio – Video – computer and other aids are used carefully to make the children interested in the lesson. Presentations, Group discussions, Quiz, Debates are part of regular teaching.

Campus School is not just a school but it is a whole new way of looking at education. The school puts an emphasis on learning through close interaction with teacher rather than rote memorization. Lessons are prepared by teachers so as to connect the curriculum with practical aspect of life.

The School is located in an upcoming posh colony Avantika, Chiranjiv Vihar in a well conceived building. Apart from the education, Creative writing, Debates, Essay competitions, Mask making competitions, Speech contests are also part of the curriculum. Physical education being compulsory comprises of yogas, Athletics, Skating, Taeckwandoo, Field sports, Swimming etc. Exhibitions are conducted from time to time.Besides, one foreign language forms the part of the curriculum. The school conducts children workshops, seminars for parents and teachers from time to time.Counselling of students is done by counselors.

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